1. MySQL latin1 → utf8 (Wordpress upgrade)

  2. Прокрастинация с пользой, или «История о структурированном отлынивании»

  3. P-700 Granit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The pro p2p tech of 70’ies. The missiles are linked by data connections, forming a network. Missiles are able to differentiate targets, detect groups and prioritize targets automatically using information gathered during flight and types of ships and battle formations pre-programmed in an onboard computer.

  4. The Things He Carried - The Atlantic (November 2008)

  5. Bethesda's Fallout System Requirements

    RAM: 1GB XP / 2GB Vista Pretty much sums up what I think of Vista.

  6. Cheap CAPTCHA Solving Changes the Security Game | Freedom to Tinker

    I might pay $.02 to post a comment to some blog. (why have the middle man?)

  7. Skype Client Hands Confidential Communications to Eavesdroppers | Electronic Frontier Foundation

  8. Councils spy with Google eye - BizTech - Technology - smh.com.au

    using Google Earth and Google Street View to identify illegal building activity

  9. Letter from Moscow: Echo in the Dark: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

    authoritarian ecosystem of Vladimir Putin the public agrees not to meddle in politics in exchange for the chance to take part in the consumer benefits of the Russian energy boom

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  15. CUBOCC

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  17. What Happened To Dynamic Range?

  18. Mind Hacks: Language specific madness

    for when I get mad

  19. Jewish Currents: Resisting Authority: A Personal Account of the Milgram Obedience Experiments

    only a pathological fringe of about one in a thousand would administer the highest shock on the board - 85% lol

  20. Sex and Propaganda

    Херасе, чуваки разработали листовки чтобы свести Гитлера с ума!…

  21. Game theory explains dinner-party dates. - By Mark Gimein - Slate Magazine

    true story

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  29. Dyatlov Pass Accident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    They also claimed that the dead were completely grey-haired. One victim had no tongue.

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  33. Cocaine Vaccine May be Close to FDA Approval

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