Python developer in Vancouver, Canada, with strong scientific background. Looking for great projects and teams in need of versatile backend developer.


HTML, CSS, Javascript, scss, Cofffeescript, jQuery, d3.js.
Python is my primary language. I have limited experience with C++, C#, php.
PostgreSQL, MySQL, ocassionally sqlite or SQL Server.
Data analysis
I do my data manipulation and statistics in python. I use matplotlib for plotting. Cytoscape, gephi, graphviz for network/graph analysis.
My primary interests are collaborative filtering, natural language processing, and information retrieval.
I’m no stranger to machine learning.
I use git, Eclipse and Sublime Text (also Visual Studio and tfs). I use both OS X and Windows. Apprentice bash wizard.


Team Lead of Personalisation at News3602014 – present

News360 employs complex natural language processing and recommendation algorithms to provide personalized news digests through its web and mobile apps.

  • Improved critical infrastructure, making it more efficient and robust.

    Attained 3× speed-up of NLP by optimizing categorisation systems — C#.

    Reduced memory usage of personalisation services 3× by improving arhitecture — redis, C#.

  • Implemented new features for ranking and personalisation systems needed to launch new products — Indian, International, German editions, Apple Watch, and Google TV apps.

    German news text clustering — C#.

    News article summarization for English and German — python, nltk, sklearn.

Lead developer of indexing at JSC Antiplagiat 2012 – present

  • Implemented a scalable indexing architecture with language detection and text filtering with mostly open-source tools — python, django, scrapy, cld.
  • Optimized deduplication algorithm 100× by employing custom data structures — C#.
  • Deployed stats collection and graphing for antiplagiat services — statsd, graphite, C#.
  • Participated in research projects on plagiarism in scientific communities — python, matplotlib, gephi, graphviz.

Project developer at Kniga-servis LLC 2011

  • Designed and built an automatic text categorisation system for the rucont library with Russian language processing and OCR — python, tesseract, C++.

part-time while studying

Web Developer at FENU and FEBRAS 2007 – 2009

Lead engineer at Bolshoy Kamen’ Bank LLC 2005 – 2006

  • Server administration, web design.

Freelance Developer 2005 – present

  • I used to work as an independent contractor on remote basis.


Specialist in Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Far Eastern National University, 2008
  — (CS degree, B.S. equivalent)


1-st place, ACM ICPC team programming contest in Russian Far East region, 2003.
  — (and some others like it)